Pest Control

Knight Pest Control offers on-going protection through-out the year. We protect your home, family and pets with our licensed & uniformed technicians by using only proven methods and products applied in a safe and effective manner.

Lawn & Shrub Care

At Knight Pest Control, we provide free inspections and thorough exterior treatments for control and protection against mole crickets, chinch bugs, fleas, grubs & fire ants and many other damaging insects. Our lawn care service will prevent pests from destroying your lawn.

Service Regions

We proudly serve the Greater Tampa Bay area with our pest control services. We service Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties. Find your local Knight Pest location before reaching out to us.

WDO Inspections

Selling a home in Florida’s sub-tropical climate requires a WDO, or Wood Destroying Organism, inspection report for the sale to be completed. In fact, local building codes require that new homes have preventative termite control measures during construction.

Keeping The Pests

Off Of Your Round Table


Don’t Let These Guys Ruin Your Family Barbeque.

Bees & Hornets

Keep Those Stingers And Hives At Bay!


“Wood” You Want Your House Eaten By Termites?

Bed Bugs

You Can Sleep Tight Without Any Bites.


They May Beat A Nuke But Not A Knight.


Eight-Legged Uninvited Guests In Your Home?

Knight Pest Control provides indoor Pest Control, Bed Bug exterminations, Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments. We also provide Lawn, Shrub and Tree Care as well as many other Pest Control Services throughout West-Central Florida.

Customized Pest Control

Knight Pest Control offers ongoing protection throughout the year. We protect your home, family and pets with our licensed & uniformed technicians by using only proven methods and products applied in a safe and effective manner. All Knight Pest Control service materials meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulatory requirements.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

We use only high quality, slow-release fertilizers to ensure long term effectiveness to keep your lawn and landscape trees and plants healthy. These fertilizers can be applied as either a liquid or dry granular product depending on the plants health, season, rainfall, etc. Fertilizer is carefully applied by hand equipment so that the product reaches the root zone of each plant and does not enter lakes, ponds or storm drains.

Termite Treatments

We love our environment and our pets. Any treatment initiated by Knight Pest Control is done so with environmental conservation in mind. The products we use are selected based on effectiveness and safety to humans, pets, and the environment. We offer treatments, programs for prevention, early detection services and termite colony elimination. For severe dry wood termite infestations, we offer whole house tent fumigation.

WDO Inspections

We Offer WDO, Wood Destroying Organism, Reports For Real Estate Agents Or Home Owners In Need Of Assessing Their Property Prior To A Sale. Please Fill Out Our WDO Appointment Form If You Would Like One Of Our Technicians To Come Out An Assess Your Property.


What People are Saying

“… Quality Work”

“Great company that truly cares about quality work and delivering excellent customer service. Anytime my family needs a question answered or additional visits to the house for service, they always respond quickly!  I was very satisfied with Tim and appreciate Knights.”

Justin Kelly

“… Looks Amazing!”

“We just hired Knight Pest Control to care for our yard and Lawn and cannot believe the difference in just two months. Everything looks amazing! We had tried to other companies and are really glad we found this one.”

Patricia Mitchell

“No More Roaches!!”

“I had a problem with roaches and called Knights Pest Control, Susan Dunlop came out to the house and treated the inside and outside and viola’, NO MORE ROACHES!! I had an excellent experience from the initial contact to taking care of the problem. “

Faith Lange

“Always Helpful.”

“Knights has taken care of my property for years. They are the only company that has managed to keep my yard nice. Billy the owner goes out of his way to help me with my yard. hes always helpful. Ive had other companies. “

Robert Ortiz

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