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Because of Florida’s sub-tropical climate, the risk of termite damage is nearly 100% without a Termite Defense System. In fact, local building codes require that new homes have preventative termite control measures during construction. If you are unsure when your home had its last inspection or treatment, it’s time to call Knight Pest Control.

Termites Vs. Flying Ants


Antennae look like a string of beads
Front and back wings are of equal size
Broad waist

Flying Ants

Antennae are bent at an angle
Front wings are larger than the back wings
Restricted waist

Termite Treatments

We love our environment and our pets. Any treatment initiated by Knight Pest Control is done so with environmental conservation in mind. The products we use are selected based on effectiveness and safety to humans, pets, and the environment. We offer treatments, programs for prevention, early detection services and termite colony elimination. For severe dry wood termite infestations, we offer whole house tent fumigation.

Making a Case for Regular Termite Inspection

The key to saving your home from termite damage is early detection. If you’re noticing changes in the integrity of wood surfaces, holes in structural wood or stucco you’re probably too late.

With more than 30 years as termite control experts, we recommend the installation and inspection of the First-Line Termite Monitor Stations. We will install termite monitors in strategic places around the perimeter of your home that need to be checked every three months. These termite monitors allow us to gauge termite activity and initiate treatments as necessary.

Dealing with damage

Termites can account for several thousand dollars in damage to a home or structure. While we do not perform the repair work, we do our part by eradicating the cause of the damage. We will be more than happy to recommend a professional licensed contractor if repairs are needed. 

To protect the homeowner’s investment, Knight Pest Control carries liability insurance with 2 million dollars in coverage. We are happy to report that in over 30 years in the termite control business, we have not made a single claim for termite damage to our insurance carrier.

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