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Ecologically friendly

We have developed an Integrated Pest Management Program over the last fifty years in cooperation with the University of Florida’s Department of Agriculture. We incorporate the latest Best Management Practices and fully support the Florida Friendly Yards and Neighborhoods Program. 

Free lawn evaluation

At Knight Pest Control, we provide free inspections and thorough exterior treatments for control and protection against mole crickets, chinch bugs, fleas, grubs, fire ants and many other damaging insects.  We also provide disease control, weed control, and complete fertilization for your lawn, shrubs and trees.

lawn pests and nutrients

We use only high quality, slow-release fertilizers to ensure long term effectiveness. Our goal is to keep your lawn and landscape trees and plants healthy. Our fertilizer is carefully applied with hand equipment so that the product reaches the root zone of each plant, and does not enter lakes, ponds or storm drains.


At Knight Pest Control, we offer Aeration services to help keep your lawn healthy from the roots up. While soil compaction cuts off the oxygen supply to the grass roots causing weak plant growth. Aeration creates small channels to allow better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots of your grass, keeping your lawn healthy.


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