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Female Mosquitoes

Female Mosquitoes Are The Gender That Requires Blood In Order To Have Offspring. They Are Larger Than Their Male Counterparts With Longer Proboscises For Piercing The Skin Of Its Victim.

Male Mosquitoes

Male Mosquitoes Are Smaller Than Female Mosquitoes And Are Typically Found Feeding On The Nectar Of Plants. They Have Larger, Feather-Like Antennae For Locating Potential Mates. 

About mosquitoes

There are about 3,500 different species of Mosquitoes, though only 80 species have been identified here in Florida; out of these 80 identified species, 33 have been known to be a domestic pest for both humans and animals. Mosquitoes thrive in Florida due to the hot, humid temperatures, and they are known to breed in small bodies of standing water.

Dangers of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are most dangerous creature in the scientific Kingdom, Animalia; their ability to carry and transmit diseases give them this infamous title. Luckily, generations of Pest Control  development have given us the ability to combat Mosquitoes in the State of Florida. Keeping these pests away can protect your family from disease and discomfort.

zika virus information

The Zika virus made international headlines with its ability to affect pregnant mother’s offspring. The disease can be carried by the Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes. These mosquitoes bite during the day or night. The effects of the Zika virus typically aren’t noticed by the host making its effects on individuals trying to conceive quite troubling.

mosquito treatments

We offer single treatments on your property or bi-monthly treatments. We treat plants surrounding the property as well as inside any structures. We use a machine-like fogger during the treatment. Being proactive with your treatments and preventing any standing water on your property is the best method to combating mosquitoes on your proeprty.


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