Keeping The Pests

At Bay For Over 25 Years


Carpenter Ants, Ghost Ants, Argentine Ants, Acrobat Ants


Keep Spiders At Bay By Eliminating Their Food Supply

Bed Bugs

 C. lectularius, L. boueti, C. hemipterus


German, Australian, Palmetto


C. Felis, D. Canis, American Dog & Brown Tick


 Roof Rat, House Mouse

Our commitment

Knight Pest Control offers ongoing protection throughout the year. We protect your home, family and pets with our licensed & uniformed technicians by using only proven methods and products applied in a safe and effective manner. All Knight Pest Control service materials meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulatory requirements.

Our Expertise

Knight Pest Control prevention and treatment programs have been developed by Richard Stout (Entomologist) and Billy Knight (Certified Operator) over the past 30 years in cooperation with the University of Florida Dept. of Entomology and the Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

Customized Service

We offer free inspections that thoroughly inspect your home, office, business, school, hotel or restaurant for all pests, including termites. Our customized service fits your needs whether your problem is ants, roaches, fleas, bed bugs or termites. Have one of our trained technicians come by for a free estimate today!

Choose your Package

Pick whether you are interested in a one-time only treatment, or register for either monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatments. Interior/Exterior & Exterior Only services are available depending on the property and pests. We will also give you a courtesy call and come back as many times as necessary at no additional charge to you between regularly scheduled services.


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